Scantronic 534r Wireless Vibration Sensor

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534r Vibration Sensor

Key Features
# The UK version, 534RUK-00, works on 418MHz radio frequency.
# The European version, 534REUR-00, works on 433MHz radio frequency.
# Ideal for perimeter protection, such as a large glass area, shop front or patio door.
# The 534R has a transmission range of 150m line of sight, and typically 50m in a building.
# Intelligent 16 Bit processing.
# Individual device ID – each device has an individual electronic identity that is recognised by the control panel after enrolment.
# It also has an integral reed switch which may be used as a back-tamper switch or as a separate zone.
# Powered by a 3.6 volt lithium battery which gives up to three years life, dependent on usage. A low battery indicator is displayed at the control panel when replacement is required.
# Easy to install, as it requires no wires, and can be simply screwed onto a surface such as a window frame.
# It is small, neat, light and unobtrusive.

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