Scantronic I-ON 40 40 zone hybrid alarm control panel & Wired KP

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Please see the [I-on40H]


Keypad included

i-on40 is a 40 zone control unit for hybrid wired/wirefree alarm systems intended for domestic and light commercial use.

The control unit comprises an end station with remote keypads. The simple-to-install end station has an ABS plastic case which contains the radio transceiver, power supply and backup battery. Up to four keypads connect to the end station by standard alarm cable, allowing the end user to set and unset the system, and the installer to fully configure the control unit. The keypads also contain integral proximity tag readers, so that end users can control the system without having to remember access codes.

The control unit works with Cooper Security Ltd’s 700 series 868MHz narrowband wireless peripherals. These include:

  • Door contact/universal transmitter
  • Passive infra red detector
  • Smoke detector
  • External siren
  • Four button remote control
  • Remote radio keypad

During programming the installer can set up the system as either a part setting system with full set and three part sets, or a partitioned system where each of the four partitions has full set and a single part set.

The i-on40 offers a wide range of communication options. Plug-on modules provide connection to either the telephone system (PSTN), the mobile phone network (GSM) or the internet via Ethernet or GPRS. In addition, the control unit provides a set of output pins which can be used to drive stand-alone communicators.

To make the installation and maintenance simple, the control unit also provides an Ethernet connector for attaching PCs or laptops. The control unit can be programmed using a standard web browser from an Ethernet connected laptop..



Product name


Product Description

40 zone hybrid endstation with remote keypads.


Cooper Security Ltd.


Class II.

Operating temperature

Tested -10 to +55°C.


0 to 75% RH, non-condensing.


End station

384 x 245 x 94, mm HxWxD.


115 x 156 x 34, mm HxWxD


End station

2.2 kg (without stand-by battery).




24 radio, 16 wired.


16 wired (comprising two voltage free contacts, 14 transistorised of which 12 are provided on two separate wiring harnesses).


8 radio (with suitable products such as the 770r Wireless Accessory Module). 

Internal Clock

±10 minutes over one year (depending on the accuracy of the mains supply frequency).

Remote controls


Panic Alarms


External Radio Sirens


Log capacity

Up to 1,000 events, stored in flash memory (requires no support battery)


Security Grade

Grade 2.

Radio detector differs

16,777,214 (2^24-2).

Radio Supervision


Access code

4 digits, all four digits may be any number 0 to 9, giving 10,000 differs.

Number of access codes

50 plus installer

Code blocking

Blocked for 90s after four incorrect codes in series.

Proximity tag differs

4,294,967,296 (2^32)


Radio Section

Operating frequency 868.6625MHz Narrowband.


EN 300 220-3.


EN 300 330-2

Transmitter range

The range of the transmitters compatible with this control unit depends on the environment in which they are installed. As a guideline, most transmitters will work up 200m range in free space conditions.

Power Supply

This product complies with the requirements of EN50131-6 Type A power supply at security grade 2 and environmental class II.

Mains power supply

230VAC +10%/-15%, 170mA max, 50Hz.

End station psu

13.7VDC, 1.5A max

End station consumption

130mA min.

220mA max.

Communicator consumption

50mA max

Keypad consumption

30mA (backlight off)


45mA (backlight on)


65mA (backlight on max)

Standby Battery

12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid.

Standby time:

More than 12 hours depending on ancillaries connected to control unit.

Max recharge time:

 less than 72 hours.

Battery charge limit


12V Aux supply (inc LS)

13.7VDC +0.1/-0.4 @ 850mA max.

14V4 supply

14.4V +0.1/-0.2 @ 230mA

12V Keypad bus

13.7V =0.1/-0.5 @ 400mA max

Monitoring includes

Mains fail, battery low voltage, battery failure.

Electromagnetic Compatibility


Conforms to EN50130-4.


Conforms to EN61000-6-3.


O/P 1 – 2

Voltage free, single pole relay contacts rated 24VDC @ 1A or 120VAC @ 0.5A.

O/P 3 – 4

Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.

O/P 5 – 16

Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.

LS (loudspeaker)

Min impedance 16 Ohm, current consumption from 12VAux = 280mA in alarm.


The control unit has a T250mA mains fuse.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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