Scantronic i-on50EXDKP, 50 Zone Control Panel W/KEY-KP01

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COOPER i-on50EXDKP, 50 Zone Control Panel, Sold with the KEY-KP01

The i-on50 range has been designed for mid-sized installations at EN50131 and PD6662:2010 Grade 2 or 3.

The system provides advanced flexibility and configuration options, with 10 zones on the end-station. i-on50 can be expanded to 50 hybrid zones configured across five partitions.

The i-on50EXD supports up to 100 users each of which can have, each able to use a PIN, prox tag and remote control to set the system. The panel will also accept an additional Hold Up Device (HUD) per user.

The i-on50 is supplied for easy installation, with the PCB in its own protective packaging. This means that the end-station can be mounted as part of first fix with the PCB being installed for programming and commissioning. As standard the control panel includes a web server that delivers a simple, powerful panel interface for set-up, programming and local IP network control.

At a Glance:

    10 FSL zones on board, expandable to 50
    Includes web server and supports downloader
    On-board communicator
    Three panel outputs, including one single clean contact relay on board
    16 digital plug-by outputs
    Supports up to 17 Amp battery

Technical specification:


EN50131, PD6662:2010, BS8243

Built-in web server


Maximum  zones

50 (10 wired 40 hybrid)



Maximum bus devices


Plug-by outputs


Total number of log events



Digi-modem built-in (EXD)

Setting options

Part set (3)  or partitions (5)

Power supply

1.5 Amp

Local port


KEY-KP01 – Wired keypad with buil-in prox

Small and discreet keypad with three functional variants which provide a consistent appearance throughout the property when different keypad specifications are required.

The prox enabled keypads also have connections for an external prox reader in addition to the built-in internal prox.

At a Glance:

    Programmable brightness and volume levels
    Built-in piezo sounder for the locate a bus device feature and exit/entry tones on wired only
    Specified HUA button
    Works with the KEY-EP external proximity reader

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