Scantronic i-sd02 Plug-in SD/Comms Module

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The i-sd02 module is designed to fit on the i-on40 control unit. The i-sd02 allows the i-o40 to report alarm conditions over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using either standard alarm signalling protocols, recorded speech messages, or SMS (Short Message Service) texts to mobile telephones by way of the PSTN.



The i-sd02 module provides connection to the PSTN. The module allows both speech messaging and alarm signalling. When fitted to the control unit speech messages can be configured to be up to 30s long (one 10s home message and four consecutive alarm messages of 5s each).

Alarm signalling protocols supported: Scancom Fast Format, Contact ID, SIA1, SIA2, SIA3, Extended SIA3.

The i-sd02 module meets the performance criteria of D2, M2, S1, I0, T2 and A0 as described in EN50136-1-1 subject to network conditions.

ATS rating : ATS 2 (EN50131-1)

REN : 1

This product can share a PSTN line with other telephony or fax equipment.

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