Scantronic Two-way KEY-RKPZ Keypad

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The two-way KEY-RKPZ keypad offers the user full access to configure, set or unset the system. At the same time, it allows you – and your customer – welcome flexibility when it comes to choosing the optimum location. Linked wirelessly to its own base station which talks to the control unit via a standard RS485 wired connection.

At a Glance:

  •     Radio keypad, giving full access to configure, set or unset the system.
  •     Easy installation.
  •     Internal proximity reader.
  •     Backlit display and keys.
  •     Navigation keys for installer and user menus, with built-in alert LEDs.
  •     A, B, C, D setting keys, with built-in status LEDs. An engineer can configure the keys to set individual wards, partitions or part-sets, or to control outputs.
  •     Two radio keypads per base station

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