SecWare BT Extension Coupler UK16

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BT Extension Coupler UK16

An easy to install tool-less BT extension coupler for extending a BT socket using phone cable.

The UK16 is an extension for a BT socket,
utilising its tool-less wire termination it can be quickly and easily connected to one end of your desired length of telephone cable,
then once the other end is terminated to a BT plug or our TA45 – Tool-less RJ45 Connector (if connecting to an RJ45 network point) you have created a customised BT extension lead.

1 BT Female/Socket
2 UK43 (Colour-coded tool-less terminals) – Pins 2&5 (Voice) + 3&4 (Bell Ringer)
Secure clip on lid with neat cable entry
White moulded plastic chassis


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