Siemens E-Line G3 DT Fresnel PIR/MW detector, 12 m wire type 2

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ADM-QXC12TEE-02 requires:

ADM QXC12T-EE01 and 02 board AO-PE02

The E-Line PIR detectors deliver the fastest installation time on the market thanks to their innovative End of Line concept. High precision Fresnel optics and progressive signal analysis are combined to deliver best-in class detection reliability and quality. Ideal for residential and commercial applications. The E-Line dual antimask detector offers a wide range of functionalities as pet immunity‚ flexible sensitivity adjustments for PIR and MW‚ antimask‚ creep zone protection and unique End of Line concept in exchangeable family design.

Technical data


12 m preset (volumetric), widely adjustable

Optical system


Microwave (MW)

10.687 GHz

Sensitivity adjustment

PIR: DIP switch, potentiometer,
MW: DIP switch, potentiometer

Pet immunity

12 / 30 kg adjustable

Creep zone protection


Walking speed

0.1 ~ 4 m/s

Supply voltage

9.6 ~ 16 VDC (typical)

Current consumption

35 mA

End of Line board provided

AO-PE01 EOL PCB 2-wire type 2

Alarm relay output (NO/NC)

30 VDC / 80 mA / Ri 32 Ohm NC

Tamper relay output (NO/NC)

30 VDC / 80 mA NC

Antimask relay output (NO/NC)

30 VDC / 80 mA NC

Control input

Remote Walktest
(high ≥ 3,5 V = LED’s on)

Operating temperature

-10 ~ +55 °C

Housing protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

62 x 121 x 40 mm


0.110 kg

Standard / approval

EN 50131-2-4 Grade 3

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


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