Siemens SPC panel, 8-128 zones, Ethernet, G3 metal housing

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The SPC5330.320 control panel combines in an optimal way intrusion and access functionality in one system and can be expanded according to specific customers and project needs with up to 128 zones (8 on-board), 128 outputs (6 on-board), 16 system keypads, 16 doors, 8 verification zones. The controller provides 2 X-BUS ports (2 stubs or 1 loop), 16 areas, 500 users with different access levels, memory for 10’000 intrusion and 10’000 access events, integrated Web Server, 2 terminals for the pluggable PSTN and GSM/GPRS communication options, on-board Ethernet interface. The system is expandable with wireless receivers and supports up to 120 Intrunet wireless detectors (mixed with wired zones). The panel comes in a tamper protected and hinged metal housing with space for optional 17 Ah battery and 4 additional expanders.

Technical data



Programmable areas


Max. number of user codes


Remote controls

Up to 50

Wireless Panic Alarm

Up to 128

Event memory

10’000 intrusion events, 10’000 access events


Multi-language support (en + 4 imported language files).
Available language files: de, en, es, fr, it, nl, sv.

Number of on-board zones


Max. number of hardwired zones


Max. number of wireless zones

120 (take away wired zones)

EOL resistor

Dual 4k7 (default), other resistor combinations selectable

Max. number of outputs


Number of on-board relays

1 strobe (30 VDC / 1 A resistive switching current)

Number of on-board open coll.

2 internal / external bell, 3 freely programmable (each max. 400 mA resistive switching current, supplied via auxiliary output)

Door capacity

Max. 16 entry doors or 16 entry/exit doors

Number of card reader

Max. 32

Radio module

Optional (SPCW110)


8 verification zones with max. 4 IP-cameras and 8 audio devices.


Up to 16 pre / 16 post event images (by JPEG resolution 320 x 240, max. 1 frame / sec.)


Up to 60 sec. pre / 60 sec. post audio recording

Time function

32 calendars (53 weeks, multiple on/off switching patterns for users, areas, inputs, outputs, keypads, doors)

Macro language

Cause & Effect programming (256 triggers / 128 mapping gates)

Number of field devices

Max. 48 (16 keypads, 16 door-expanders, 16 input/output expanders)


2 X-BUS (2 spurs or 1 loop),
2 RS232,
1 USB (PC connection),
1 SPC Fast Programmer,
1 Ethernet (RJ45)

Tamper contact

Front spring tamper, back tamper, 1 auxiliary tamper contact input

Mains voltage

230 VAC, + 10%/ -15%, 50 Hz

Operating current

Max. 190 mA at 12 VDC

Quiescent current

Max. 170 mA at 12 VDC

Output voltage

13-14 VDC in normal conditions (mains powered and fully charged battery)

Auxiliary power (nominal)

Max. 750 mA at 12 VDC

Battery type

YUASA NP17-12FR (17 Ah), not supplied

Operating temperature

0 ~ +40 °C


RAL 9003 (signal white)


6.400 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

326 x 415 x 114 mm


Hinged metal housing (1.2 mm mild steel)


EN50131-1 / EN50131-3 / EN50131-6, Grade 3, Class II
UK: PD6662:2010
SE: SFF1014, Larmklass 2

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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