Silverline Mini Colour Bullet Camera

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The silverline internal/external mini bullet camera is a high quality discrete CCTV camera, the camera offers a high resolution image while only being a fraction of the size of most standard bullet cameras and is IP rated so can be installed externally as well as internally..

The camera would only need a small amount of light to operate but however would not work in pitch black conditions.

This cameras lens gives a field of view as illustrated in the above diagram. It has a standard DC power socket and BNC connection for power and video connection.

This camera can be connected straight into a monitor via the appropriate cable for a simple surveillance system or into any of our Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) to enable the footage to be recorded onto a hard drive and played back upon request. We have a wide range of cables which would allow connection to various systems, please see our cable section for more details.

If you would like to view this camera from a PC, you would either need a single channel video web server which will allow you to connect the camera into a computer network and view it using software or you could connect this camera into a multi channel networkable DVR which will allow multuiple cameras to be connected into your network.

In the unlikely event of failure, this camera is supplied with a 2 year warranty. We also have a dedicated technical support team who will be able to help you if you have any trouble installing or configuring your Silverline camera.

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