Takex 100m External Quad Active Beam

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The professional choice in outdoor protection, our Quad beam detectors synchronise 16 beam paths for maximum stability in severe weather conditions, perfect for long range perimeter protection.

For distances up to 100m (330ft) outdoor / 200m (660ft) indoor.

note: PB-F series Quad Beams are ‘Single Channel’ units for simple beam systems. For more complex systems eg. multiple stacked beams or in-line systems use PB-IN-HF series 4-Channel units to avoid ‘Crosstalk’.



  • Synchronised Quad Beams for maximum stability in severe weather conditions
  • Double Modulated beam for unsurpassed immunity to direct and reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.
  • Built-in view finder and monitor jack output for easy beam alignment
  • 180 degree rotating optics for increased installation flexibility
  • Automatic Gain Control circuit
Model PB-100F
Product type Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Detection system Simultaneous breaking of 4 beams
Infrared beam LED pulsed beam, Double modulation
Protection distance Outdoor 100m (330ft) or less
Indoor 200m (660ft) or less
Max. beam range Outdoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Indoor 1000m (3300ft) or less
Response time 50msec.
Supply voltage 12V to 30VDC (Non-polarity)
Current consumption 75mA or less
Alarm output Dry contact relay output form C
Contact action : Interruption time + delay time
Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 0.5A or less
Tamper output Dry contact relay 1b (N/C)
Action : Activated when cover is detached
Contact capacity : 30V AC/DC, 0.5A or less
Alarm LED Red LED (Receiver)
ON : when an alarm is initiated.
Attenuation LED Red LED (Receiver)
ON : when beam is attenuated.
Functions Sound check : Audible check of beam level
Monitor jack output
Frost proof cover
Ambient temperature range -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F)
Mounting positions Outdoor (Perimeter protection)
Wiring Terminals
Weight Transmitter : 1.3Kg (45.5oz)
Receiver : 1.3Kg (45.5oz)
Appearance PC resin (wine red)

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