Tline series 4” B/W video doorphone with door-opener button

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A device suitable for all needs. Including that of the system in which it is installed. T-line video doorphones are indeed compatible with all Bitron Video systems.
The merit of such versatility goes to the special brackets – one for each different system type – which make the video doorphone practically universal: perfect for B-fast and for 5-wire no-coax systems alike.

This means that the system can be wired before choosing the terminal.

Instead of being fixed, calling volume is controlled by a three level potentiometer. Settings are ‘loud’, ‘soft’ and ‘mute’. In the latter case, the device will not ring when a call is received. A red tab will appear on the bottom of the monitor when this setting is selected.

In addition to the typical door button, Bitron has added two buttons (A and B) used for releasing a second lock and for switching the staircase lights on. A four button is used to silently switch the monitor on.

The ‘heart’ of the T-line video doorphone is its four-inch display. Two versions are available: Colour TFTor B/W flat screen, both with adjustable contrast and brightness. The monitor measures 220.4 x 220 x 63 mm.

Terminal installation is simple and rapid. No embedding box is required.

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