UTC GS711 – Shock sensor with magnetic contact

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The GS711 shock sensor offers a versatile solution for detection of forced entry through windows or doors. It can be mounted throughout a 360 degrees axis, vertically and horizontally, by ensuring that the brand logo is readable from left to right. It has a built-in magnetic contact for double protection on opening doors and windows. The GS711 has been developed to offer an aesthetically superior low profile design with additional features to ease installation.

  • Reliable 24 hour loop perimeter protection
  • Superior technology provides excellent detection and false alarm immunity
  • Dual-position terminal block
  • Suitable for all types of solid structures
  • Versatile mounting through 360° axis
  • Two spare terminals
  • High quality electrical tamper
  • Available analysers: GS614 & GS615

Technical specs

Detection range                   Up to 6 m
Mounting location               Glass, window/door frame, wall or roof
LED indication                     No
Reed switch                        Yes
Operating gap                    25 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D)      72 x 27 x 25 mm
Colour                                White
Operating temperature      -40 to +50°C


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