Videx 1 Way Surface Colour Kit with White Kristallo Handset

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The VX2300 is the latest in the range of digital audio and video door entry systems to be introduced by Videx.
With the experience in the design and manufacture of digital door entry systems and the companies philosophy
of achieving excellent audio and video quality, versatility, reliability, safety and ease of installation. The 2 wire
none polarity conscious VX2300 BUS carries all audio, video and data signals which greatly reduce installation

The VX2300 is designed for small to medium size installation up-to a maximum system size of 100 intercoms
and / or videophones. The system will accommodate up-to 8 video door panels (functional or digital) with either
colour or black and white cameras.

Main features:
• 2 wire none polarity conscious BUS
• Distance up to 50 meters using standard telephone cable and up to 200 meters using Videx supplied cable.
• Multiple entrance systems with up to 8 video door panels (colour or black and white).
• Digital or functional door panels
• All digital door panels incorporate speech annunciation of call progress and error messages and the ability for
all users to have their own unique access code. The access code can have up to six digits and is blind to onlookers
(panels are programmable from PC or door panel).
• System size up to 100 devices
• Number of devices within the same address 4 (the total system must not exceed 100 devices)
• Intercommunication between devices within the same or other apartments.
• Local door bell facility
• Active video isolation splitter
• Additional relay modules for extra services which connect to the 2 wire BUS
• Electric lock or other devices powered from the door panel

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