Vimpex Floor Mounted Probe (Point Detection)

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Point detection is provided by Floor, Drip Tray Probes and Float Switches – all connected to the control panel by simple two core leader cable. The Floor Probe is fixed to the floor and adjusted to give the required detection level and connected to the control panel via a junction box. The Drip Tray Probe has exactly the same facilities as the Floor Probe but has a bracket for mounting onto the side of an ACU drip tray. The Float Switch alarm is for use in sump pumps, basements, etc.

The Hydrowire and Probes are continuously monitored. Any disconnection or fault is immediately indicated on the control panel. All monitoring indicators can be repeated to remote repeater panels or via volt free contacts to a building management system. When an alarm is raised, Fire-Cryer voice sounders can be used to broadcast an unambiguous message, avoiding confusion with other sounders on site.

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