Visonic 4 way Hand-held PowerCode Wireless Transmitters

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Control Keyfobs MCT-101/102/104

Supervised Hand-held PowerCode Wireless Transmitters

MCT-101 (1-button), MCT-102 (2-button) and MCT-104 (4-button) hand-held PowerCode™ wireless transmitters are designed for emergency and control applications in supervised wireless security systems, as well as home automation and remote control systems.

When activated, each colored button initiates transmission of a PowerCode 24-bit ID command code – which is selected from 16 million possible combinations, and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmission from multiple devices. A built-in selector can be used to enable automatic transmission of periodic supervision signals to confirm system connectivity at all times.

These ergonomically designed hand-held devices are available in several optional frequencies in compliance with European, U.S. and other international standards. They are powered by a standard long-life Lithium battery, and feature visible and transmitted low battery reporting when the battery needs to be replaced. A metal belt-clip is provided for maximum operation convenience.

MCT-101 / 102 / 104 Features:

  •     1, 2 and 4 button (channels) models
  •     Attractive modern ergonomic design
  •     Fully supervised (selectable)
  •     Superior transmission range
  •     Smart anti-collision algorithm supports multiple simultaneous transmissions
  •     PowerCode ID factory-selected from 16 million possible code combinations
  •     Long-life standard lithium battery
  •     Visible and transmitted low battery indication
  •     Metal belt-clip for convenient use (supplied)
  •     Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards
  •     Compatible with PowerMax and all Visonic PowerCode wireless panels and receivers

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