Visonic MCS-730 AC External Sounder(868Mhz)

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The MCS 730AC is the Mains-powered version of the battery-powered MCS 730. The MCS-730 is a fully supervised PowerCode™ outdoor (IP55) wireless siren and strobe light.


The MCS-730 is compatible  with the Powermax Pro, Complete, Express and newer Powermax Plus 868MHz control panels.

The fully supervised unit provides intrusion and fire alarms as well as arming and disarming confirmation tones (squawk). This enables home owners to arm and disarm the system from outside the house using a keyfob, (similar to that of car alarm systems) and receive audible verification of system status. This valuable capability prevents false alarms due to breach of entry/exit delay settings.

MCS-730 Features:

  • Wirefree connection between control panel and siren
  • Convenient and rapid no-mess installation.  The unit is supplied with a plug in mains transformer.  the low voltage output from the transformeris fed to the rear of the sounder through a small hole drilled in the external wall.
  • Intrusion and fire alarm signals
  • Audible verification of arming and disarming (squawk).
  • 98 dB Piezo siren and high power strobe light
  • Weather-resistant IP55
  • Two-way communication, for local & remote diagnostics
  • Plug-in power supply
  • Transmits status, tamper, low battery, supervisory and AC loss messages to the control panel.
  • Tri-state tamper switch identifies screw manipulation removal of cover or prying from the wall


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