Visonic Powerlink Starter kit (inc 1 x CAM 2000WL Camera)

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Web-based remote surveillance and control system

PowerLink provides the ultimate in home security and peace of mind. Not only can PowerLink give users total remote control over their entire home environment – security, air-conditioning, appliances and lighting; PowerLink enables them keep an eye on their property and their loved ones from the road, the office or on vacation- via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Get The Whole Picture

Powerlink comes with a RS-485 , Ethernet or WIFI camera and enables the addition of up to three additional cameras. The cameras deliver crisp, clear images using color CMOS image sensors and advanced signal processing techniques. Have zoom in , store images to hard drive

Take Charge

In case of an event, PowerLink immediately informs the user via e-mail, text message and on-screen alerts*. Its user-friendly alarm interface enables them to activate cameras, mute sirens, turn all the lights on and more. Alarm time images are automatically recorded and available for replay.

Total Control From Anywhere

PowerLink is accessible from any Internet-enabled computer worldwide, even public Internet kiosks since PowerLink requires no ActiveX, JavaApplets or any other software on the client side. In addition to being easy-to-install, PowerLink features an extremely user-friendly interface that makes controlling the systems from a distance as easy as doing so from home.

Complete Security, Complete Confidence

PowerLink uses a multi-tier security procedure to ensure user security and privacy. Its high security, wizard-based system installs in less than an hour. Neither PowerLink nor the cameras can be accessed without authentication. All images and data are encrypted and router firewalls can be active while PowerLink is in use.

PowerLink provides a level of home security and control that every homeowner must see to believe.

    PowerLink Highlights:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • Easily customized by user
  • Simple installation and IP camera auto configuration
  • Auto adaptation to home networks
  • Access for up to four (4) RS-485, Ethernet or WiFi cameras
  • Pre- and post-alarm image capture
  • Secure connection: User authentication and SSL data encryption plus extended camera privacy options
  • No need for special software at remote access point
  • Event reporting by e-mail, text message and on-screen alerts*
  • Convenient access to the PowerMax+ event log
  • Remote camera ‘zoom in’ and ‘save image’

* Based on local service provider offered capabilities

Camera Details

CAM 2000WL gives you all the freedom of WiFi connectively. It is an ideal choice for both small and mid-sized businesses and homes. Its color CMOS image sensors and advanced signal processing techniques result in crisp, clear images at 320×240 resolution

CAM-2000WL serves as the ‘eyes’ of Visonic’s PowerLink system , to enable you to keep an eye on your property and your loved ones from wherever you are, as easily from halfway around the world as from down the street or across town.

    CAM-2000WL features:

  • A modern, stylish look
  • WiFi wireless connectivity for ultimate placement freedom
  • High-quality, 320×240 image resolution
  • Focus lens capability from 20 cm ≈ infinity
  • Easy set-up and installation with auto configuration
  • All mounting hardware for table top, wall or ceiling mounting included
  • Crisp and clear images
  • FCC and CE certified
  • Powered by AC wall outlet
  • Auto brightness, auto contrast, and auto white-balance picture quality adjustment settings

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