Visonic PowerMaster 2 Button Panic Button

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PB-101 PG2 / PB-102 PG2

PB-101 PG2 and PB-102 PG2 panic buttons are stylish handheld PowerG wireless transmitters designed for emergency and control applications in supervised wireless security systems. PB-101 PG2 has one push-button and PB-102 PG2 has two push-buttons.

 PB-101/102 PG2 offer enhanced security and peace of mind as they allow users to send alarm messages with just a simple press on a button. With the PB-102 PG2, the user can also initiate a distress alarm, by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

*Please be advised the UK version are used only as panic buttons, They don’t have the lock and unlock Icon keys


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