Visonic PowerMaster 33 Kit with Expander

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PowerMaster-33 G2

PowerMaster-33 G2 is a distributed wireless security, safety and control system. It is suitable for SME usage and for residential customers who want a concealed alarm system. It provides outstanding wireless functionality with all peripherals.

PowerMaster-33 G2 utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and a full two-way synchronized TDMA wireless network, for streamlined communication and improved channel efficiency. With a huge transmission range of 2000m (6500ft) line of sight*, it covers significantly larger premises than traditional systems, without repeaters.

PowerMaster-33 G2 Features:

  • Distributed panel that can be installed out of sight, controlled by wireless devices
  • Accommodates more than 120 wireless devices — Up to: 64 zones, 10 KP-250 PG2 keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens, 4 repeaters
  • Optional GSM/GPRS/IP modules
  • Extensive range of PowerG peripherals for every application
  • All devices are configured from the wireless keypad
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications
  • SirenNet – Leverages smoke detector buzzers for all alarm

Kit Includes:

PowerMaster 33 Panel

Remote Keypad [KP-250]

2 x Pet Freindly PIRs [0-102116]

1 x Door Contact [MC-302V]

2 x Proximity Tags

1 x Expander [9-100775]

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