Visonic Powermax Plus + Software and lead RS-232

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The PowerMax Remote Programmer is a utility program that enables you to manage the PowerMax alarm system from a remote station. It runs on IBM-PC or compatible workstations and runs on Microsoft Windows XP.

It allows offline preparation of specifications, each of which is a set of parameters especially tailored for a particular PowerMax installation site. After the user has prepared the parameters for the site, he can download them into the PowerMax control panel on the site.

Data is transferred to and from the PowerMax Remote Programmer either locally through an RS232 serial data cable, as shown in figure 1, or remotely via telephone lines and a modem, as shown in figures 1.2 and 1.3.

Local Data Transfer enables the operator to prepare the parameters for the PowerMax alarm system on a PC where he specifies parameters in the Site Screens, even though he is working at the same installation site. He then transfers the data to the alarm system through a cable.

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