Visonic Two-way Keypad MKP-151 868mhz (0-101741)

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Two-way wireless keypad with voice

MKP-150/151 is a two-way wireless keypad for PowerMax systems. Once installed and programmed, the keypad provides all of the controls, notifications, indications and voice prompts of the control panel.

MKP-150/151 employs Visonic’s two-way wireless secured communication protocol and provides both audible and visual feedback including voice prompts as it carries out the operator’s commands to the control panel. Conveniently, the MKP-150/151 can be used to arm or disarm the system, turn lights on and off, control electrical appliances and much more.

MKP-150/151 can be placed in a convenient, easily-accessible location, enabling the control panel to be installed in a location inaccessible to intruders. In case of tampering or sabotage, an alarm sounds and the event is recorded by the control panel.

Owners can also install a second keypad in the garage, pool house, or at bedside for convenient arming and control before going to sleep.

MKP-150/151 is compliance with European standards.

MKP-151 features:

    * Provides all the same controls, notifications, indications and voice prompts as the
      control panel
    * Used to arm or disarm the security system, turn lights on and off, control electrical appliances and much more
    * Easy programming and user-friendly control
    * Family Message Center enabling family members to record and playback voice memos for one another
    * Automatic reporting to control panel of low battery, AC failure, RF jamming,
      and tampering
    * Built-in tamper switch
    * Visual indicators (LED and LCD) and audible notifications
    * Screen saver to conceal system status
    * Two long-life 3-volt lithium batteries
    * Compatibale with PowerMax+, PowerMaxExpress, PowerMaxComplete and PowerMaxPro control panels.

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